Language of Color:
    As in all first impressions, the mood of your home should be a positive one for all first time visitors, but most of all for you!  Color expresses who you are visually, and therefore speaks to the visitor in a language all its own.
    Homeowners today are exploring bolder more adventurous colors to express themselves, and create an environment at home that are both comfortable and sometimes even entertaining.  Gone are the days of off-white walls and flat white ceilings.  However this balance can be a daunting task.  Most paint samples are too small, and the larger samples are generally flat pieces of paper without the wall textures most home have. 
    Also colors change their appearance from the sunny South side of the home to the shady North.  My interior and exterior paint color services will help you get stunning results.

Interior color:
   Paint is the least expensive improvement that takes place in the home.  Unfortunately most homeowners place 90% of their time and effort on the labor, and 10% picking color, when in fact more value should be placed on color.  Unlike exterior paint, interior color design is more cosmetic.  The purpose of a color consultation is to alleviate your doubts and fears about what shade or hue of color to use that will compliment your homes furnishings and make sure the entire home is painted to your complete satisfaction.  A home that is “put together” will not only look nice, but also express who you are!

Exterior Color:
    New home construction often uses repetitive colors when developing a neighborhood, while homeowners tend to stay with more familiar palates from their not so recent past; when in fact neither show the homes true character.  Give your home a makeover that will create an appropriate identity with a well-chosen color planner.  Think of that stark florescent-blue house near your neighborhood.  Do you know they probably just loved that color chip?....until it was on the house.  I can imagine the contractor spraying it on while they were at work.  And their anticipation as they rounded that last corner on their way home!  It is a terrifying reality that once the choice has been made everyone going by will see it!   Most people do not budget for a re-paint.  A color consultation will greatly reduce the risk of such mistakes.

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